Car/Driving Article - Cobra Radar Detectors - Do Cobras Really Work Well?

Cobra Radar Detectors - Do Cobras Really Work Well?

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Cobra is considered as one of the top producers of radar detectors.

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Cobra is considered as one of the top producers of radar detectors. One of their most popular products is the ESD 6060. This model is undetectable to police radar and will give you enough warning to get your foot off the accelerator, even at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. And this model is identified as the least sensitive in the market. The Cobra ESD 6060 radar detector is cheaper than all other radar detectors. This can be bought for around 50 dollars in some stores. The following are the features of Cobra ESD 6060: It has a small size Its price is low (25-50 dollars) It is easy to use It cannot distinguish K from Ka It has an adequate performance, which may not be acceptable for 'power' users. Many would say that if you have budget restrictions the Cobra ESD 6060 is an adequate radar detector. Another Cobra product is the Cobra PRO 9/80 radar detector. This is the most featured-packed Cobra radar detector unit - it includes an aluminum carrying case, hardwire and a cigarette lighter splitter. The Cobra PRO 9/80 provides voice alerts and 8 point digital compass - extras which make this model an improvement on previous Cobra models. This unit is set up with an alpha numeric display that allows for far more detailed detection and more complex signal strength indicators. This will also automatically mute the detector based on your speed. A piece of advice: if you are planning to buy yourself a radar detector, choose the most expensive one that you can afford This will give you greater quality and higher performance. Do not mind the price; just think of the satisfaction and peace of mind it will give you.

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