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Mention the word caravan and most people in the world conjure up images of a long string of camels and horses trekking across the desert. Our image of the caravan comes more from the movies than our history books.

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Today, the caravan is a travel trailer or RV as known in the United States. The caravan is usually pulled behind a vehicle and is completely self sustaining. The modern caravan has working plumbing, beds, refrigerator and everything else needed to travel or camp in style. Camping has never been more fun. With the caravan you can travel and camp and still be comfortable. If travelling in Europe the caravan is the way to see the country. There are parks to camp with your caravan all across Europe. In many cases, the caravan parks are located adjacent to public transit. This gives the traveller the opportunity to park and go enjoy the city where they are. Paris and London both have caravan parks such as this. Even today the caravan is synonymous with comfort and security. When trekking with your caravan you also get to enjoy the company of other families camping in the same way. It is like an extended family. Everywhere you stop and camp with your caravan you will find friends. You can find caravans in all price ranges and comfort levels. You can even find a small economical caravan that is a pop-up tent version. Caravans give you the opportunity to enjoy nature and good company but also be comfortable and warm. Economically, caravans are the only way to go. You can typically find a place to park your caravan for $20 American. This low price will vary depending on where you are in the world. No matter where you are you will not find a place to stay cheaper and more fun. It is the only way to camp. So load up the caravan and we will meet you at the park.

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