College/Uni Article - The Scholarship Application And Making It Yours!

The Scholarship Application And Making It Yours!

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Every scholarship application is perfectly unique, which is great for the people who have to read through thousands of them every year in order to decide to award it to! However, although they are unique and no doubt very personal, it must be mundane to read persona statement after personal statement if nothing catches your attention. Some will be well written, others will not, but that makes no difference if it cannot attract another individual's attention! A personal statement is actually your selling tool. It is all you have because the representatives or assessor who can discard an application at the drop of a hat will never meet you. You will not get a second chance to make a first impression so you have to make the most of what you have and the personal statement is it! Before you even start looking into the scholarships you will apply for, you should begin to plan out your personal statement. It is the one thing that will speak about you so you have to make the most of it and more effort should going into composing a good one than anything else you will do relating to scholarships. There are various ways to catch an assessor's attention, but making the page really talk to them is the main way. Anything too fancy, like a different font will have them reaching for the scrap pile, but a great statement will prevent them from discarding your application. The first thing you should remember then is ensuring that your words are perfectly clear and flow well together. In other words, your personal statement must make perfect sense. If it does not make sense and instead is just a bunch of random words thrown together in the hope that it will work, I guarantee that it will not! It needs to flow in order to say something. It is the flow that makes it work, that makes it speak and that can give the assessor a good idea of who you actually are. If your statement is clear and flows well then it will say so much bout you. Flowing language denotes a conscientious individual who is capable of logical thought and reasoning. That person would not be impulsive but instead put his or her instincts to better use. He or she would also be capable of making sense of even the most complex of problems by simplifying them. Therefore, if you also make your language direct and straight to the point without adding floral extras that could most definitely be left out then you would also be honest and direct without being cutting. It would indicate that you do not procrastinate and are usually 100% focused on a task! You can see from the description of a specific style that you can say so much about yourself by simply implying it, thus leaving you more room to sell yourself in terms of your achievements! It is well worth spending extra time on your personal statement, as you can see. If that is the most important part of your application, it could also feasibly win the assessors over, and that alone could ultimately win you a scholarship. You should put a little of yourself in there, but by tailoring your style, you can get yourself noticed in a positive way.

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